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Solo Exhibition - (Human perception_Visible and invisible) _Archaeological museum of ancient Corinth
International_photography_exhibition_" H2O νερό/ὕδωρ/water/aqua"_Environment Museum of Stymphalia
International_photography_exhibition_2020_" Inner Beauty " Archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth
virtual exhibition_International Photographers _Moments of Color
Group exhibition_International Photographers_" Portraits " Blank wall gallery_Athens
photography exhibition_"Equine Relations"_KEIM_Marathon
photography exhibition_" Place "_Melina Merkouri Foundation_Athens 29/11/2017
Photography exhibition_ " ΧΡΟΝΟΣ " Melina Merkouri Foundation_Athens
Photography exhibition " Visual "_Booze cooperativa_Athens 2016
Photography exhibition_ " Private " Booze cooperativa_Athens 22/5/2015
photography_exhibition_" Fusion "_ Booze cooperativa_Athens 18/10/2017
photography_exhibition_" Silence is the way " Zitto jazz bar_Athens 2017
photography exhibition " Ασκήσεις Ύφους "_Booze cooperativa_Athens
photography exhibition_" My favorite things "_Artplace Kanakis_Athens 23/5/2014
photography_exhibition_" all people are beautiful "_Ianos_Athens 4/11/2014
exhibition" in my view " Booze_Athens
photography_exhibition_" Being here " Black studio art_Athens
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